The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Ray Harris appears on the Paranormal Eh? Radio show. The episode is titled ‘The Nazi’s and the occult’. Listen to internet radio with Terry Konig on Blog Talk Radio Episode bio:
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This CD contains 10 episodes that cover the beginning of the Battle of Britain from July, 1940 to August 13th, known as the Day of Eagles. Reichmarshal Hermann Goering, frustrated by the English weather, is ready to focus on the radar towers, although he is partially unaware of their critical role. Air Chief Dowding’s system, [...]
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When ordered by their Group HQ, the sector stations would “scramble” their squadrons into the air. Once airborne, the squadrons would be directed by radio-telephone (R/T) from their sector station. Squadrons could be ordered to patrol airfields or vital targets or be “vectored” to intercept incoming raids.
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The Dyle Plan or D Plan was the primary war plan of the French Army to stave off the expected German attack during Fall Gelb. It was conceived by French General Maurice Gamelin in 1940. Named after the Dyle River, which flows from southern Belgium down to Antwerp, the main objective of the plan was to halt the advancing German Army Group B, incorrectly perceived as the strongest, in central Belgium. 
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Part 1 of 6. Click “Read More”.
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Hitler sets up the conditions of the French surrender.
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13 Group covered Great Britain to the North. Most attacks on 13 Group came from Norway. Who knows how many Luftwaffe pilots had to ditch their Me 109 or Me 110 when they ran out of fuel.
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Fighter Command’s HQ where Air Marshal Dowding organized and lead The Battle of Britain. Located in Stanmore near London.
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This episode covers the beginning of the RAF and Fighter Command. Air Marshal Dowding is Fighter Command’s first Commander in chief. Through trial and error, radar is developed and a detection and respond system is worked out to defend the Channel coast. The Battle of Britain, from July 20th to July 22nd. The Spitfire and [...]
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Covering the SW of Britain.
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