The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
This episode gives a glimpse into the daily routine of Luftwaffe pilots fighting over the English Channel. The Straights of Dover are now being called Hellfire Corner from the number of sunken convoy ships. Also July 26th-28th of the Battle of Britain is covered. Dowding rests his men and their aircraft, while Luftwaffe leader Goering [...]
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The Me 109E will bring Nazi Germany to greatness and to the water’s edge at the English Channel. It came before the Hurricane and Spitfire and was faster. But it was also without armor, at first. The Luftwaffe is still testing the RAF: its air craft, pilots and RDF system. Both sides will draw blood [...]
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601 Squadron was formed at RAF Northolt on 14 October 1925 when a group of wealthy aristocratic young men, all of whom were amateur aviators, decided to form themselves into a Reserve Squadron of the RAF after a meeting in White’s Club, London. The squadron battle honours most notably include the Battle of Britain and the first Americans to fly [...]
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Volume One: “Setting the Stage”- This CD contains the first 14 episodes and covers the rise of The Nazi party, Hitler’s ascension to power, and the diplomatic intrigues that led to war in Europe. It also covers the rise of Mussolini and his first 10 years as Il Duce. It finishes with the episodes that [...]
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The SC 1800 Satan was one of the largest bombs in the Luftwaffe armoury during the Second World War and the largest regularly used during the Blitz. SC indicates High Explosives, 1800 the 1,800kg (3,968lb) payload and Satan was its nickname. The SC 1800 had a length of 13ft 3in and a diameter of 2ft [...]
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Werner Mölders was a World War II German Luftwaffe pilot and the leading German fighter ace in the Spanish Civil War. Mölders became the first pilot in aviation history to claim 100 aerial victories and was highly decorated for his achievements. He was instrumental in the development of new fighter tactics, which led to the [...]
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Volume Two: “War is Upon Us”- This CD contains almost seven hours of episodes that cover the start of WWII in Europe as Poland is conquered in a mere 5 weeks. With open war in Europe, Nazi Germany goes on to conquer Denmark, Norway and begin the Battle of France & the Low Countries. Special [...]
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Alan “Al” Christopher Deere would distinguish himself in WWII, like so many other brave pilots. He fell in love with his Spitfire “Kiwi” and compared it to flying a captured Me 109. He liked the Spitfire better. He was shot down on May 28th during Dunkirk but was saved by a soldier who then complained [...]
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Volume Three: “France Falls & The Miracle of Dunkirk”- This CD contains the most popular series so far in the podcast: the salvation of the BEF from Dunkirk. At just over 5 hours, the dramatic action on the coast and over the Channel is covered in great detail as the British try to save as [...]
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Volume Four: “France Divided & Hitler Biography”- This CD contains 9 episodes and deals with the end of the French Republic and the beginning of Vichy. Also included is a 3 episode arc covering the life of Hitler until the Beer Hall Putsch. Running time is almost 6 hours.
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