The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Voting for the Podcast Awards starts November 1st. Please think of me! I’m in the Cultural/Arts category. So is Laszlo, but that’s his problem. Also, listen to find out how you can win a replica newspaper from December 8, 1941.
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Jamie Redfern of The History of: Hannibal spends time with us to discuss the war in the desert, Iran and somehow-Buddy Ebsen.
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This time, we cover the tension between Churchill and two of his three service leaders in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Marshall Graziani is poised like a statue to invade Egypt. But, like a statue, he doesn’t move. And Admiral Cunningham takes his weaker naval vessels and reminds the Italians what war means. The cover [...]
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Is the influence and greatness of the Roman Empire over-rated? Listen to your’s truly and other history podcasters debate this and find out!
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WARNING: The following is not a normal WWII episode. But, it is entertaining! With the kind permission of The China History Podcast, here is the 100th episode of Laszlo Montgomery’s podcast. Together, he and I talk about our podcasts, other history podcasts and our experiences over the last two years. Enjoy! You’ll laugh, we certainly [...]
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