The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Episode 95-The Dardanelles, Pt. 1

The British War Council decides on a Second Front to hopefully alter the slaughtering in France. Winston, with his personality, becomes of the face of the Aegean Campaign. 

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With the outbreak of war, Churchill is ready, though the same can not be said of the rest of Britain. Winston will experience the lime light and the highs and lows of battle.

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Episode 93-War is Upon US

The events of Sarajevo cause diplomatic tension to build throughout Europe but Churchill is determined that Britain will be ready, come what may. 

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After a bit of trouble with the website, we are back and Episode 93 will be out soon. Thanks for your patience!

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Hitler comes to power and uses IBM technology to track down the Jews within Germany and German controlled territory.
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Churchill gets promoted to the Home Office, starts out well, but then becomes his own worst enemy. Now in the Admiralty, Winston comes into his own. Fortunately for Britain as Germany seeks to challenge G.B. on the seas.
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Winston finds love, fights the Tories, gets promoted, nearly dies three times and humbles some Lords.
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French leader Petain, frustrated by Laval’s pro-German stance, makes his move against his Vice Premier. The German occupation of Paris begins its darker phase.
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