The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
After 6 months of planning, the British are ready to move against Marshal Graziani.
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Alfred Krupp, the subject of Membership Episode #4 would be hailed as the “Cannon King” in his lifetime.¬†Alfred Krupp (born Alfried Felix Alwyn Krupp), son of Friedrich Carl, was born in Essen in 1812. His father’s death forced him to leave school at the age of fourteen and take on responsibility for the steel works. [...]
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Greek soldiers continue to dominate and push the Italian invaders back into Albania and closer to the sea. The RAF makes its presence felt by downing dozens of Italian aircraft. Mussolini can’t hide the backsliding of his troops from Hitler but Prime Minister Metaxas shields his own secret from his men and the world.
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The subject of Membership Episode #3. William (Billy) Mitchell (1879-1936), considered by many the father of the U.S. air force, led the American air effort during World War One. He fought the good fight, but in the end, lost. The disaster at Pearl Harbor proved him right.
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