The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Alfred Krupp can make cast steel, but can he sell it? Also, Alfred gets his way on the family fortune and stumbles upon the idea of cast steel weapons. History is changed forever. But his first great moment comes as the first World’s Fair at England’s Crystal Palace. The picture is of Queen Victoria opening [...]
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McIndoe’s personal views of life find their way into The Guinea Pig Club. As such, the club is filled with love and understanding, but also, high expectations from the men of Ward 3.
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The various British commands in East Africa are ready to move against the Italians. Well, not really. But as the Italians retreat after Operation Compass, the British Commonwealth forces have no choice but to advance, ready or not. The cover picture is of the Duke of Aosta. AND I will be on June 19th, [...]
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Gen. O’Connor is planning his next attack when the Italians decide to abandon Cyrenaica. The Race is on! Also, the Replica Newspaper contest.
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When Edward Blacksell “Blackie” came to East Grinstead, McIndoe’s team was complete. These three men would help the Guinea Pigs during and long after the war.
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