The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Churchill enters Harrow, but his defiant ways still exist. His father draws away from him but his mother will soon be coming to his side. At Harrow, young Winston breaks almost every rule: he keeps dogs, is constantly late for class, curses in front of the Headmaster and blows up a building.
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Krupp is all but ready to give up on guns, then a new king comes to Prussia and he has plans for Krupp’s arms and central Europe.
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This episode covers Winston Churchill’s birth, his early school years and his parent’s or lack thereof, influence on the boy.
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Alfred Krupp finds love and business success! And a son, whom he names after (of course) himself. The first Bertha Krupp in on the scene, but spends much of her time away from Essen, her husband and all that damn soot!
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This episode takes us through the war in East Africa through February 1941, which is the high water mark for The British Empire fighting the Axis without the Russians or America. The cover photo is of the Dongolaas Gorge.
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