The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Churchill, having decided his course, willingly risks his life for his ultimate goal, the House of Commons. But he has to survive India first.
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Alfred Krupp’s guns change the world, but he’s too busy building his house to notice. The 2nd French Empire is destroyed and the 2nd German Reich is born.
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Winston loses those in his life he holds most dear. And to defeat boredom, he travels to Cuba to see war up close, as the Spanish try to putdown a rebellion.
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Alfred Krupp almost loses everything just by being himself, but Wilhelm I and Chancellor Bismarck need his guns, as they start to forge a Greater Germany. Alfred decides to build himself a new home or a monument to himself, Villa Hugel as seen in the episode cover.
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Winston makes it into Sandhurst, taking a curious route. He nearly dies at least twice, but in the end another family member is taken from his life. And after Sandhurst, he is left up to his own devices. He is now a man at large.
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