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German forces complete their conquest of the Greek mainland. Meanwhile Rommel shocks the British led forces in North Africa.

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The Germans continue to drive south, the Greeks throw in the towell and the Allies make plans to evacuate. But wanting more Gen. Von List of the German 12th Army uses Airborne troops for a daring raid of Cornith, in trying to cut off some of the Allied troops in retreat. 

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I've got good news and better news! I'm working hard to put out episodes on a regular schedule. AND until such time, please give my OTHER podcast, Life of Caesar, with Cameron Reilly, a listen. Laughs and History...its got it all!

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The Alikmon Line is breached, the Allies fall back. But the German forces are right behind them all the way. Greek General Papagos believes the end of the Battle of Greece has come, but BEF Commander General Wilson wants to give it one more try.

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Greece comes under attack on the same day as Yugoslavia, yet that country's quick demise, sets up the conquest of Greece. The war in the Greek NE is over by the third day, so the Commonwealth forces fall back, yet the Greeks in Albania are loath to follow their example.

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Nothing can be allowed to stand in the way of Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's plan to destroy Russia. Certainly not Yugoslavia and Greece. So Operation Retribution, aimed at Belgrade and Operation Marita, against Greece, commence. 

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Lt. Gen. Rommel had decided the time has come to ignore his orders and move against the Allies. While he has his own problems, they are nothing compared to what Gen. Neame and Gen. O'Connor suffer. 

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Lt. Gen. Rommel decides it's time to test the Allied forces within Cyrenaica, as well as his Italian and German superiors. Meanwhile Adm. Cunningham engages the Italians in the Battle of Matapan. 

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The Allies, with Great Britain leading the way, rush all available troops to Greece. Yet, now that Lt. Gen. Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, is in North Africa, the Commonwealth  forces are about to loose more then they thought possible.

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As the gods themselves seem to hate Mussolini and all his endeavors, with British Commonwealth forces and Greek soldiers destroying his troops, almost at will, Hitler has decided, enough is enough. The Axis has to be put right again and so, in steps Germany, in North Africa (Rommel) and in Greece.

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