The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Episode 128-The end of Wavell, Battle Axe and Exporter

With the failure of Operation Battle Axe and the bloody victory in Syria, Churchill finally rids himself of C in C Gen. Archibald Wavell. And wants his replacement, Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck to attack Rommel forth with. Yet the two operations have taken away half of the Western Desert Force's tanks. No matter, Churchill wants action, but Auchinleck wants time. Picture-Auchinleck.

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Episode 127-Operation Battle Axe

Though Operation Exporter is stalled, Operation Battle Axe is launched. Yet the British attack plans are not very creative and Rommel can hear most of the wireless chatter coming from the British tanks. 

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The Allies come up against stiff French (Vichy) resistence in Syria and Lebanon. But that was just to set up the counter attack, which commenced on June 16th. Yet the men of the 5th Indian Brigade do all they can to give some success to the invaders.

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