The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Episode 141-Stalin's Mistake

Stalin's lack of military training causes his country to loose everything to the South, west of the Dnieper River. The German Panzers race east and make for the Crimea. Kiev is encircled, as is the 850,000 soviet troops in the area.

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Episode 140-Of Two Minds

Marshal Mannerheim of Finland agrees to attack towards Leningrad and around Lake Ladoga, but not much more than that. 

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Episode 139-Finland: Ally to the North

Hitler manages to bring Finland into his attack against Soviet Russia, but the Finns are mostly concerned with recapturing lost land. Like the three Army Groups, the Germans to the north will advance, but lose many men along the way. 

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Episode 138-Trading Punches

The Panzers come ever closer to Leningrad, though losing men and machines along the way. Meanwhile, Army Group Center moves toward the Dvina River. As for Kiev, the writing is on the wall, yet Stalin is the only one who can't see it. Picture-Defense works before Leningrad.

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