The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Episode 150-Operation Typhoon

The Germans smash through the latest Soviet Defensive lines. The 4th Panzer Group, along with Gen. Kluge's 4th Army now have men just 128 KM or 80 miles from Moscow.

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Episode 149-The March to Moscow Part 3

Having shattered the Russian defensive line at Viaz'ma, the Germans expand on their ambitious attack plans, attacking to the north and south of the main road to Moscow. In the center is Zhukov's pathetic new defensive line.

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Episode 148-The March on Moscow Part 2

The Germans and Russians clash to the west of Moscow. But within mere days, the Soviet's three Fronts are either destroyed or encircled. The road to Moscow is left open.

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Episode 147-The March to Moscow, Part 1

With Leningrad cut off and the far South stabilized, Hitler has decreed that the time has come to launch Operation Typhoon, Nazi Germany's attack against the Soviet Capital.

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