The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr
Episode 160-Leningrad under Siege, Part 2 Unarmed for War

Leningraders volunteer in such numbers that the Stavka orders several divisions to be organized, to resist the German invaders. Yet the men are thrown in untrained, mostly weaponless, armed only with a desire for revenge. 

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Episode 159-Stalin Bio Part 4-The Rise of Koba

Ioseph Jughashvili, AKA Stalin, leaves the seminary under mysterious circumstances. Following the path of his mentor Lado Ketskhoveli, Soso becomes a revolutionary and learns the joy of mentoring the people but also to fear the police. Seeking refuge for himself, Stalin goes underground, after serving his first long prison sentence.

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Episode 158- Leningrad Under Siege

The people of Leningrad take an affront to Nazi Germany invading their country. The men volunteer in droves for military service, the women are sent off to dig trenches. Though many of the men will die that summer of 1941, the Soviet Red Banner Baltic Fleet will undergo its own "Dunkirk" as a fleet of 228 vessels flee from Tallinn, Estonia, facing shore batteries, Finnish torpedo boats and miles of mines.

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Episode 157-Stalin Bio Part 3

Young Stalin begins the process of moving away from the Seminary and towards the life of a revolutionary. The picture is of Marx and Engels. 

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