The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr (maps)
Operation Compass was the first major Allied military operation of the Western Desert Campaign during World War II.British and Commonwealth forces attacked Italian forces in western Egypt and eastern Libya in December 1940 to February 1941. The operation was a complete success. Allied forces advanced from inside Egypt to central Libya, captured 115,000 Italian prisoners, and destroyed thousands of tanks, artillery pieces, and aircraft, while suffering very few casualties.[6]
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The SC 1800 Satan was one of the largest bombs in the Luftwaffe armoury during the Second World War and the largest regularly used during the Blitz. SC indicates High Explosives, 1800 the 1,800kg (3,968lb) payload and Satan was its nickname. The SC 1800 had a length of 13ft 3in and a diameter of 2ft [...]
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In readying the southern British coast for invasion, besides the usual pillboxes and barbed wire, there was also the Flame Fougasse. A camouflaged oil drum filled with petroleum, lime and tar that could be ignited and then rolled into the path of an invader. But further offshore were pipes, laid beneath the surf, through which [...]
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These Sea Forts helped keep a look out for incoming raiders. Three were located near Liverpool and four were in the Thames Estuary. They all had impressive artillery, like Lewis guns, Bofors, and 3.7 inch antiaircraft cannon. However, the ones close in the Thames also had radar. These antennae helped with tracking the low flying [...]
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When ordered by their Group HQ, the sector stations would “scramble” their squadrons into the air. Once airborne, the squadrons would be directed by radio-telephone (R/T) from their sector station. Squadrons could be ordered to patrol airfields or vital targets or be “vectored” to intercept incoming raids.
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The Dyle Plan or D Plan was the primary war plan of the French Army to stave off the expected German attack during Fall Gelb. It was conceived by French General Maurice Gamelin in 1940. Named after the Dyle River, which flows from southern Belgium down to Antwerp, the main objective of the plan was to halt the advancing German Army Group B, incorrectly perceived as the strongest, in central Belgium. 
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13 Group covered Great Britain to the North. Most attacks on 13 Group came from Norway. Who knows how many Luftwaffe pilots had to ditch their Me 109 or Me 110 when they ran out of fuel.
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Fighter Command’s HQ where Air Marshal Dowding organized and lead The Battle of Britain. Located in Stanmore near London.
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Covering the SW of Britain.
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