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Sir Richard Nugent O’Connor KT, GCB, DSO & Bar, MC, ADC (21 August 1889 – 17 June 1981) was aBritish Army general who commanded the Western Desert Force in the early years of World War II. He was the field commander for Operation Compass, in which his forces completely destroyed a much larger Italian army — a victory which nearly drove the Axis from Africa, and in turn, led Adolf Hitler to send the German Africa Corps under Erwin Rommel to [...]
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William Henry Ewart Gott CB, CBE, DSO and bar, MC (13 August 1897 – 7 August 1942),nicknamed ”Strafer”, was a British Army officer during both the First and Second World Wars, reaching the rank oflieutenant-general when serving in the British Eighth Army. In August 1942 he was appointed as successor to Claude Auchinleck as commander of the Eighth Army. On the way to take up his command he was killed in a [...]
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Andrew Browne Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, (7 January 1883 – 12 June 1963),  was widely known by his nickname, “ABC”. In the Second World War, as Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet, Cunningham led British naval forces to victory in several critical Mediterranean naval battles. These included the attack on Taranto in 1940, the first completely all-aircraft naval attack in history, and the Battle of Cape [...]
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601 Squadron was formed at RAF Northolt on 14 October 1925 when a group of wealthy aristocratic young men, all of whom were amateur aviators, decided to form themselves into a Reserve Squadron of the RAF after a meeting in White’s Club, London. The squadron battle honours most notably include the Battle of Britain and the first Americans to fly [...]
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Werner Mölders was a World War II German Luftwaffe pilot and the leading German fighter ace in the Spanish Civil War. Mölders became the first pilot in aviation history to claim 100 aerial victories and was highly decorated for his achievements. He was instrumental in the development of new fighter tactics, which led to the [...]
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Alan “Al” Christopher Deere would distinguish himself in WWII, like so many other brave pilots. He fell in love with his Spitfire “Kiwi” and compared it to flying a captured Me 109. He liked the Spitfire better. He was shot down on May 28th during Dunkirk but was saved by a soldier who then complained [...]
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Galland makes a brief appearance in episode 45. He leads his Geschwader against shipping in SE Britain, only to lose good men and his own plane due to Radar. However, his pilots have a surprise for the RAF fighters. He would be shot down 4 times, but have 104 victories. He would soon be promoted [...]
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Hitler sets up the conditions of the French surrender.
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New Zealander Keith Park defended the southern coast.
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