The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr (store)
Volume Three: “France Falls & The Miracle of Dunkirk”- This CD contains the most popular series so far in the podcast: the salvation of the BEF from Dunkirk. At just over 5 hours, the dramatic action on the coast and over the Channel is covered in great detail as the British try to save as [...]
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Volume Four: “France Divided & Hitler Biography”- This CD contains 9 episodes and deals with the end of the French Republic and the beginning of Vichy. Also included is a 3 episode arc covering the life of Hitler until the Beer Hall Putsch. Running time is almost 6 hours.
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This CD contains 10 episodes that cover the beginning of the Battle of Britain from July, 1940 to August 13th, known as the Day of Eagles. Reichmarshal Hermann Goering, frustrated by the English weather, is ready to focus on the radar towers, although he is partially unaware of their critical role. Air Chief Dowding’s system, [...]
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