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President Roosevelt wins a third term, but the American people still refuse to commit to war. Meanwhile, FDR has to find a way to help the Chinese and the British fight off their enemies, until the US is strong enough or the Axis fire first.

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President Franklin Roosevelt succeeds in his 3rd term attempt and with the passage of Lend Lease, Hitler knows the war will be prolonged. His answer to continued British resistance and the eventual entry of the U.S., is to plan an attack against Stalin's USSR.

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With the Kaiser's forces coming ever closer to Petrograd and Moscow, many Russians lose confidence in Lenin and his Bolsheviks. As such, no party member is safe. Bolshevik members begin to disappear, or are openly murdered. Even Lenin is unsafe. This chaos eventually forms into the Russia Civil War. Fortunately, Stalin is far away in the south, gathering grain for the Russian peasants. 

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Nazi Germany is not the only threat to U.S. peace as the Empire of Japan continues its attacks against China. Meanwhile President Roosevelt pulls out all the political tricks he can to weaken the isolationists and help Great Britain stay in the fight against Hitlerism. 

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As the Nazi menace grows across Europe, President Roosevelt knows that America will be threatened one day. His best plan for keeping the United States out of the conflict is by helping Churchill defeat Hitler. But in his way are his country's neutrality laws and the isolationists. 

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Lenin's Bolsheviks pull Russia out of the Great with the Brest Litovsk Treaty, but the Imperial German Army keeps advancing towards Petrograd, because there is no Russia army to stop them. Lenin orders a retreat to Russia's ancient capital, Moscow. Meanwhile, Stalin is given the task of feeding Petrograd and Moscow and will do anything to succeed, to further make Trotsky look weak. 

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Mr. Miller's latest book, Agent 110: An American Spymaster and the German Resistance in WWII, covers America's attempt to build an espionage network after Pearl Harbor, which leads Allen Dulles to met up with a strange cast of characters, some want to help Germany end the war and some only want to help themselves. Those conspirators within Nazi Germany have to content with Hitler's popularity after his many military successes, but then get a chance after his failure in Russia, namely Operation Valkyrie. Joins us as we discover who was Allen Dulles and how early there was talk of getting rid of Hitler. 

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This episode covers the naval battles between the British Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine just prior to the Battle of Norway. It also touches on the Oscarborg Fortress protecting Oslo and the following submarine battles of the North Sea. Pictured, the Oscarborg Fortress.

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Back with us are Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, authors of Lucky 666: The Impossible Mission. Today we discuss, the Pacific Theatre in general and MacArthur's Retreat. 

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Episode 184-The Question of Peace, Lenin and Stalin versus Trotsky

As Lenin deflects others trying to take control of Revolutionary Russia, his Bolshevik Central Committee has to deal with the Central Powers and the Great War. The question posed, is peace worth any price. Lenin and Stalin believe the answer is yes, but Trotsky offers another option.

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