The History of WWII Podcast - by Ray Harris Jr (podcast episodes)
Episode 164-Lenin's Trigger Man

Stalin is newly married, but has little time for his wife and soon to arrive child. He is still focused on the Marxism revolution and his rise in the Bolshevik party, not to mention the destruction of the Menshevik faction. Vladimir Lenin choses the younger man to be his muscle as he defies the Socialist Democrats of Russia. 

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Episode 163-Stalin: Family Man

Young Stalin begins to the learn of the wider world of international politics and the intrigues that comes with it. Lenin his hero, does not measure up upon their first face to face. And Koba goes through his own metamorphosis when he returns from the 4th Congress and marries a local Tiflis girl.

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Episode 162-The Winter Fortress Interview with Neal Bascomb

In early 1942, the U.S. and Great Britain work together to develop the Atomic Bomb, but London needs to make sure Nazi Germany doesn't get there first. Today's guest is author Neal Bascomb. We discuss his new book, out today, The Winter Fortress: The Epic Mission to Sabotage Hitler's Atomic Bomb.

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Episode 161-Stalin Bio Part 5

Stalin, the young revolutionary, stumbles and is on the outs with the Georgian Social Democratic Worker's Party. Yet, after making another mistake, he is tepidly allowed to re-enter the group. Sent to a back water area, the workers there will soon strike and put the mining town and Stalin, at the center of the revolution.

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Episode 160-Leningrad under Siege, Part 2 Unarmed for War

Leningraders volunteer in such numbers that the Stavka orders several divisions to be organized, to resist the German invaders. Yet the men are thrown in untrained, mostly weaponless, armed only with a desire for revenge. 

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Episode 159-Stalin Bio Part 4-The Rise of Koba

Ioseph Jughashvili, AKA Stalin, leaves the seminary under mysterious circumstances. Following the path of his mentor Lado Ketskhoveli, Soso becomes a revolutionary and learns the joy of mentoring the people but also to fear the police. Seeking refuge for himself, Stalin goes underground, after serving his first long prison sentence.

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Episode 158- Leningrad Under Siege

The people of Leningrad take an affront to Nazi Germany invading their country. The men volunteer in droves for military service, the women are sent off to dig trenches. Though many of the men will die that summer of 1941, the Soviet Red Banner Baltic Fleet will undergo its own "Dunkirk" as a fleet of 228 vessels flee from Tallinn, Estonia, facing shore batteries, Finnish torpedo boats and miles of mines.

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Episode 157-Stalin Bio Part 3

Young Stalin begins the process of moving away from the Seminary and towards the life of a revolutionary. The picture is of Marx and Engels. 

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Episode 156-Stalin Strikes Back

Army Group South continues pressing closer towards the Soviet Capital. But General Secretary Stalin and General Zhukov attempt to defy the invaders. They are soon assisted by General Winter. Meanwhile, we catch up with Army Groups North and South, where Stalin has planned counter attacks as he knows the germans are focused on his capital.

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Episode 155-Stalin Bio 2

Sixteen year old Soso (Stalin) enters the Tiflis Theological Seminary, on his way to becoming a priest. But what the boy may not know is that, he has entered an intellectual battleground and being a good Georgian, there is only one side he can choose.

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