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Churchill and the Free French get their way, Vichy controlled Syria will be invaded. But C in C Wavell's Middle East Command is stretched as it is, resources are few. Yet, Churchill will have his way and those who oppose him, begin to disapear. 

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Here is the last episode of the Battle of Crete. The Allies never contested for air superiority and thus the Germans were able to constantly push them back and eventually off the island. It was time again for another evacuation.

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The Allied defense under Gen. Freyberg continues to back pedal on Crete. Meanwhile Adm. Cunningham continues to lose ships, although the land battle is being won by the Axis. Yet Churchill insists on more action from the Royal Navy and the ANZAC forces.

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The Allied counter attack faulters, which allows the Germans to land more troops at Maleme. The Royal Navy is doing what it can, but suffering for it. Yet their efforts and loses will be for nothing. 

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Episode 121- Crete: Part II

Gen. Student tries to figure out how to salvage the disaster that has befallen his airborne troops, during that first day of Operation Mercury. 1,800 had been lost that first day. And helping him mightily, are the ineffectual officers serving under Gen. Freyberg, who himself, refuses to see the situation as it really is.

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The Germans begin, Operation Mercury, their attack on the island, to further confuse Russia and keep the British away from Hitler's oil fields. Yet as the transport planes take off, the number of defenders on the island has be recalculated from 12,000 to 48,000.

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This is the first Episode of Alexander the Great, hosted by myself and Cameron Reilly of The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast. Enjoy!

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Back by popular demand! Winston S. Churchill.

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C in C M.E. Wavell gives into pressure from Churchill to attack Rommel, before the tanks and planes of Convoy Tiger can be off loaded. Next, the situation in Iraq comes to a head and we start the story of Crete and the end of Wavell.

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Rommel is ready to have another crack at Tobruk, but Berlin is focused on Operation Barbarossa. Yet, Rommel gets permission to move ahead and finish off the British holdout. Meanwhile, Wavell's dire prediction about the Middle East starts to come true as elements of the Iraqi Government side with the Axis.

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